What to Expect


Before You Arrive

While we do accept walk-ins, we encourage you to call us before you arrive so that we can be prepared for your pet. No appointment is necessary. Our exam fee is $95, with an estimate provided prior to further treatment.


Upon arrival at CCAE, you will be greeted by one of our Client Services Specialists. Whether you have visited us before or not, we will request that you complete our check in form. The CSS team member will take a quick visual assessment of your pet. 

Stable vs. Critical

If your pet is deemed to be in critical condition, a team member will request permission to take your pet straight to our treatment area while you complete our 'Critical Care Form'. This form outlines three levels of support and their financial commitments. 

Stable Pets

If your pet is stable, we will allow them to wait with you until an exam room becomes available. Please remember that we are an emergency facility, which means that the most critical patients will be seen first, which can, unfortunately, result in an extended wait time for our other patients.


Once you and your pet have been placed in an exam room, a veterinary technician will come in and obtain a history of your pet's problem and record their vitals. This technician will then, in turn, report your pet's ailment to the doctor.


Following our technician's triage, the doctor will come in an perform their examination of your pet. After their exam, the doctor will create an estimate for treatment.  


All clients will be provided with an estimate prior to services being completed. If you are having financial difficulty, please see our 'Payment' page to apply for CareCredit or Scratchpay. 

If you are leaving your pet with us, you will be required to leave a deposit. This deposit will be either the low end of the estimate or half of the high end, whichever is greater. Should your bill not reach the amount left at the time of deposit, you will be refunded the remainder. Please bring the card you left your deposit with when you return to pick up your pet.


Once the estimate is signed, the veterinary technician will return to collect your pet and take them to our treatment area so we may provide your pet with the appropriate medical care.